Background Information
  Since its establishment, POP has been actively involved in taking part and promoting local referendum activities. They include "People's Referendum Scheme" in 1993 (organized by POP), "7.1 Mock Referendum" in 2005, "Referendum Activity in Heng On Estate, Shatin" in 2006 and “Project Civil Referendum” in 2007 (participated with other groups). In 2004-05, Dr. Robert Chung, Director of POP, formed a "Research Team on the Study of Referendums" with several LegCo members and scholars. The Team studied the operation and development of referendum activities in the world, and published articles to promote its local development.

Dr. Robert Chung hopes, with the information uploaded on this website, in sections, entitled "Research Report", "References", "Column Articles by Research Team Members", "Abstracts of Other Column Articles", "Document Archive" and "Open Forum", to strengthen public awareness and understanding of the concept of referendum.